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Transportation 4 Heroes is a Veteran-owned, nonprofit agency that provides transportation services to and from any medical or dental appointment for Veterans regardless of the era in which they served. Formed and registered with the State of Texas on March 3, 2014. Transportation 4 Heroes provides assistance with the help of Via Trans, taxi, ambulance, various shuttle services, and transportation co-ops.

Transportation 4 Heroes is dedicated to serving those who have served their country through military service. Veterans who are unable to get to their medical appointments due to lack of transportation, money for gas, or residing in rural areas where transportation is non-existant or difficult to obtain due to excessive cost. If you need a ride, please contact

Transportation 4 Heroes.

"We are waiting for you."

Our story

Transportation 4 Heroes  is composed of Veterans for Veterans. The conception of Transportation 4 Heroes began with a simple idea. A typical time line for medical procedures such as endoscopy, colonoscopy, pain treatments, or other procedures utilizing moderate or conscious sedation can average about four weeks for Veterans with transportation. This time line dramatically increases for Veterans without transportation; about 18 months or longer. Some Veterans may easily be able to report to their routine medical appointments, but reporting for specialty appointments requiring moderate sedation is often a challenge. Regardless of how many times a physician strongly urges the importance or the seriousness of a needed procedure, there are often extenuating circumstances that prevent Veterans from receiving medical care. A physician may order several tests, including what could be a lifesaving procedure such as an endoscopic procedure or a colonoscopy. These two procedures alone are performed while the Veteran is in a twilight-type of sleep. Hospital policy may dictate that all procedures done using moderate sedation requires Veterans to report for these types of procedures with the individuals who will be responsible for driving the Veterans home.  

The challenge of arranging transportation can become a serious problem. Especially for Veterans who do indeed need lifesaving treatments, but have transportation challenges due to living in rural areas without access to transportation. Other Veterans may not have family that reside instate or lack close social support system with others. Usually, in these situations, Veterans often forego medical care putting their lives in grave danger.

Here is how we help

Transportation 4 Heroes is a transportation coordination company that is here to assist you with all of your transportation needs. We assist Veterans who have scheduled appointments, whether daily, weekly or monthly we are here to assist. We  may also be able to assist with transportation to those medical appointments that may have slipped your mind. Just give us a call at our toll free number, 877-595-3801 and a dedicated staff member will assist you. If you are a Veteran who needs assistance with transportation or you know of a Veteran who could benefit from services, please contact Transportation 4 Heroes, toll free at 877-595-3801 and our friendly staff will assist you.

So do not hesitate, for all your medical or dental needs give us a call.

Transportation 4 Heroes


"How do I get enrolled?" Click on the "Request Transportation" tab located above and complete the enrollment form. If you need assistance with completing the form contact us at 877-595-3801 and one of our friendly staff will assist you with enrolling. Please ensure you have the name, address, phone number of the facility where you are going.